250+ CakePHP MCQ With Online Practice Test

CakePHP is a popular PHP web application framework renowned for its efficiency and simplicity in web development. Introduced in 2005, it has evolved into a mature and versatile tool for building robust, feature-rich web applications. CakePHP follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, offering developers a structured and organized approach to coding. With features like built-in security, database integration, and a flexible templating system, CakePHP accelerates development while maintaining code integrity. It's an excellent choice for developers seeking rapid, scalable, and maintainable web development solutions.

Practice Test

11. What is the minimum PHP version required for CakePHP 4.x?

Answer: PHP 7.2

12. Which tool is commonly used to manage dependencies and packages in a CakePHP project?

Answer: Composer

13. What is the purpose of the composer.json file in a CakePHP project?

Answer: To define project dependencies and configurations

14. Which web server software is often recommended for hosting CakePHP applications?

Answer: Nginx

15. To create a new CakePHP project, which Composer command should you use?

Answer: composer create-project cakephp/app

16. Which directory contains the primary configuration files for a CakePHP project?

Answer: config

17. What is the purpose of the .env file in a CakePHP project?

Answer: To store environment-specific configuration variables

18. In a CakePHP project, what does the "webroot" directory typically contain?

Answer: Publicly accessible files and assets, like CSS and JavaScript

19. Which command can you use to start the built-in development server in CakePHP?

Answer: bin/cake server

20. What is the recommended folder structure for storing view templates in a CakePHP project?

Answer: Inside the views directory
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