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1. Why is input validation important in CakePHP applications?

2. How can you customize error handling in CakePHP?

3. What does the PaginatorComponent in CakePHP primarily handle?

4. In CakePHP, how can you include another View within a View?

5. What is the primary difference between CakePHP shells and Controllers?

6. What is the primary role of a Controller in a CakePHP application?

7. What is the purpose of the persistent configuration setting in CakePHP's database configuration?

8. Which method is commonly used in CakePHP Controllers to perform actions when a page is loaded?

9. How does the Model communicate with the View in the MVC pattern?

10. Which behavior in CakePHP is commonly used for handling timestamps (created and modified fields) in models?

11. Which CakePHP component is used for handling and processing form data?

12. What is the primary purpose of a View in a CakePHP application?

13. What is the common format for data exchange in CakePHP RESTful APIs?

14. Which assertion method is commonly used in CakePHP unit tests to verify expected outcomes?

15. In CakePHP, what is the role of the RequestHandlerComponent?

16. Which directory contains the primary configuration files for a CakePHP project?

17. What is the purpose of the composer.json file in a CakePHP project?

18. How can you pass data from a Controller to a View in CakePHP?

19. Which CakePHP console command is used to generate a new plugin skeleton?

20. What is the primary role of the $this->request->data array in CakePHP form handling?