230+ Codeigniter MCQ With Online Practice Test

CodeIgniter is a powerful and lightweight open-source PHP framework renowned for its simplicity and speed in web application development. With a focus on minimal configuration and a straightforward yet comprehensive toolkit, CodeIgniter empowers developers to build robust and scalable web applications efficiently. Its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture enhances code organization, making it easy to create maintainable and modular applications. CodeIgniter also offers a rich set of libraries and helpers, enabling rapid development and customization. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, CodeIgniter is an excellent choice for crafting dynamic and high-performance web solutions.

Practice Test

11. Which of the following components does CodeIgniter require to run?

Answer: Web server, PHP, and a database

12. How can you install CodeIgniter 4 in your project?

Answer: Composer

13. What is Composer in the context of CodeIgniter?

Answer: A PHP dependency manager

14. Which of the following is the correct directory structure for a CodeIgniter 4 project?

Answer: app, public, system, writable

15. In a CodeIgniter 4 project, where do you typically configure database settings?

Answer: app/Config/Database.php

16. What is the purpose of the spark command in CodeIgniter 4?

Answer: To manage CodeIgniter packages

17. What is the default URL structure for CodeIgniter 4 routes?

Answer: index.php/controller/method

18. Which file is responsible for defining CodeIgniter 4 routes?

Answer: app/Config/Routes.php

19. What is the purpose of the .env file in a CodeIgniter 4 project?

Answer: To store environment-specific settings

20. What does MVC stand for in the context of web development and frameworks like CodeIgniter?

Answer: Model-View-Controller
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