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1. In CodeIgniter's Active Record, what does the where() method allow you to do?

2. In CodeIgniter, how do you include a view within another view?

3. What is a common way to implement role-based Authorization in CodeIgniter?

4. How can you set the default language in CodeIgniter for an application that supports multiple languages?

5. What is the purpose of CodeIgniter helpers?

6. By default, what is the value of the log_threshold configuration setting in CodeIgniter?

7. What is the primary benefit of Page Caching in CodeIgniter?

8. Which of the following is an example of a third-party library often used with CodeIgniter for authentication?

9. Which of the following CodeIgniter configurations determines how errors are displayed?

10. In the context of CodeIgniter, what is the primary purpose of the View component?

11. Which of the following components does CodeIgniter require to run?

12. Which HTTP status code is typically returned for a successful GET request in a RESTful API?

13. In CodeIgniter, what types of caching are supported?

14. Which of the following project management methodologies is often used in CodeIgniter development?

15. What is the primary purpose of error handling in CodeIgniter?

16. Which CodeIgniter library is often used for handling Authentication?

17. What is the purpose of CodeIgniter's Active Record class when working with models?

18. Which deployment strategy is recommended for ensuring smooth updates and maintenance?

19. Which method is used to join tables in CodeIgniter's Active Record?

20. What function in CodeIgniter allows you to retrieve a language line (translation) in a view or controller?