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1. Which HTTP status code is typically returned for a successful GET request in a RESTful API?

2. In CodeIgniter, which configuration file is often modified for production deployment?

3. What does the uri_protocol configuration setting in CodeIgniter's routing file determine?

4. How are URL segments mapped to controller methods in CodeIgniter?

5. What is the primary goal of Authentication and Authorization in web applications?

6. What is the primary purpose of middleware in web applications?

7. CodeIgniter uses a built-in security feature to automatically sanitize POST data. What is it called?

8. What is the purpose of the set_template() method in CodeIgniter views?

9. In CodeIgniter, how can you clear the cache for a specific page?

10. What is CodeIgniter's license?

11. Which CodeIgniter library is often used for handling Authentication?

12. How can you enable Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection in CodeIgniter?

13. In the CodeIgniter database configuration, what does the $db['default']['hostname'] setting define?

14. What is the purpose of the CodeIgniter show_error() function?

15. Where is the configuration for hooks typically defined in a web framework?

16. In CodeIgniter, how can you restrict access to a specific controller method to authenticated users only?

17. In a CodeIgniter 4 project, where do you typically configure database settings?

18. What is the purpose of testing in CodeIgniter applications?

19. Which of the following is an important aspect of project management in CodeIgniter development?

20. How does CodeIgniter's MVC pattern help with code organization and maintenance?