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Node.js, often referred to as simply "Node," is a powerful open-source runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside of web browsers. It is designed for building scalable and efficient network applications, particularly on the server side. Node.js leverages a non-blocking, event-driven architecture, making it ideal for handling asynchronous operations and real-time applications. With its vast ecosystem of packages and modules available through npm (Node Package Manager), Node.js has become a popular choice for web development, microservices, APIs, and more, enabling developers to create high-performance applications with ease.

Practice Test

41. What is Express.js?

Answer: A web application framework for Node.js

42. Which core feature of Express.js simplifies the creation of web routes and handling of HTTP requests and responses?

Answer: Middleware

43. What is middleware in Express.js?

Answer: A function that handles specific tasks during the request-response cycle

44. Which command is used to install Express.js in a Node.js project?

Answer: npm install express

45. How does Express.js handle routing for web applications?

Answer: By defining routes using HTTP verbs and route handlers

46. What is the purpose of the app.use() method in Express.js?

Answer: To specify middleware functions that should be executed for incoming requests

47. Which template engine is commonly used with Express.js for rendering dynamic views?

Answer: Handlebars

48. In Express.js, what is the purpose of the req and res objects in route handlers?

Answer: To represent the incoming request and the outgoing response, respectively

49. What is Express.js commonly used for in web development?

Answer: Building web applications, RESTful APIs, and server-side applications

50. What is the primary benefit of using Express.js for web development?

Answer: It provides a fast and minimalistic framework for building web applications with Node.js.
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