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1. What is the primary role of the passport module in Node.js authentication?

2. What does the "Callback Hell" or "Pyramid of Doom" refer to in Node.js?

3. What is the WebSocket protocol identifier in a URL, often used for WebSocket connections in Node.js?

4. Which core module in Node.js is used to create web servers and handle HTTP requests and responses?

5. What is the primary trigger for AWS Lambda functions in serverless applications?

6. Which HTTP status code is typically returned in a Node.js RESTful API response to indicate a successful resource creation (POST request)?

7. What is the primary role of the crypto core module in Node.js?

8. What is the role of process managers like PM2 when deploying a Node.js application to a production server?

9. Which platform is Node.js built on top of?

10. What is a duplex stream in Node.js?

11. What is Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in the context of web security, and how can it be mitigated in Node.js applications?

12. What is a common use case for npm scripts in a Node.js project?

13. What is "request batching" in Node.js and how does it contribute to performance optimization?

14. Which Node.js method is commonly used to schedule a function to run after a specified number of milliseconds?

15. In Node.js, how is the connection to a PostgreSQL database typically established using the pg module?

16. In Express.js routing, how do you define a route parameter in a route URL pattern?

17. In Node.js, why is asynchronous programming important for handling I/O operations?

18. What is middleware in Express.js?

19. What is the primary benefit of building serverless applications with AWS Lambda and Node.js?

20. In Node.js, what is the purpose of using a secure connection (HTTPS) over HTTP for web communication?