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1. What is the primary purpose of the os core module in Node.js?

2. What is the purpose of breakpoints in a Node.js debugger?

3. In Node.js, what is the typical way to broadcast a message to all connected WebSocket clients?

4. What is "auto-scaling" in the context of cloud-based Node.js applications, and how does it work?

5. What is the primary purpose of securing a Node.js application?

6. What is "Yarn" in the context of Node.js development?

7. What does "HTTP" stand for in "HTTP server" in Node.js?

8. What is an "event source" in AWS Lambda for Node.js applications?

9. What is a common use case for npm scripts in a Node.js project?

10. Which Node.js module is commonly used for connecting to MongoDB databases?

11. What is a key advantage of using streams in Node.js for I/O operations?

12. In Node.js authorization, what is the purpose of defining access control rules or policies?

13. What is "watch mode" in debugging tools like nodemon or ts-node-dev for Node.js?

14. What is "cold start" in the context of AWS Lambda and how can it affect serverless Node.js applications?

15. In Node.js, which core module is commonly used for file I/O operations?

16. How does the Node.js Event Loop coordinate asynchronous operations?

17. What is "stdin" in the context of Node.js CLI development?

18. Which Node.js function is used to add a callback to the "next tick queue" for execution in the next iteration of the event loop?

19. In Express.js routing, what is the purpose of the req and res objects in a route handler function?

20. What is the primary benefit of using Express.js for web development?