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Node.js, often referred to as simply "Node," is a powerful open-source runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside of web browsers. It is designed for building scalable and efficient network applications, particularly on the server side. Node.js leverages a non-blocking, event-driven architecture, making it ideal for handling asynchronous operations and real-time applications. With its vast ecosystem of packages and modules available through npm (Node Package Manager), Node.js has become a popular choice for web development, microservices, APIs, and more, enabling developers to create high-performance applications with ease.

Practice Test

31. Which core module in Node.js is used to create web servers and handle HTTP requests and responses?

Answer: http

32. In Node.js, which core module is used for working with file systems, including reading and writing files?

Answer: fs

33. Which core module provides functionality for working with paths and file directories in Node.js?

Answer: path

34. What is the primary purpose of the os core module in Node.js?

Answer: To work with operating system-related information and utilities

35. Which core module allows Node.js applications to perform network operations and create network servers or clients?

Answer: net

36. What does the util core module in Node.js provide?

Answer: General-purpose utility functions for working with objects and asynchronous operations

37. In Node.js, which core module is used to parse URLs and construct URL objects?

Answer: url

38. What is the primary role of the crypto core module in Node.js?

Answer: To provide cryptographic functionality, such as encryption and decryption

39. Which core module is used for working with events and creating custom event emitters in Node.js?

Answer: events

40. What is the purpose of the child_process core module in Node.js?

Answer: To create child processes for parallel execution
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