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Node.js, often referred to as simply "Node," is a powerful open-source runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside of web browsers. It is designed for building scalable and efficient network applications, particularly on the server side. Node.js leverages a non-blocking, event-driven architecture, making it ideal for handling asynchronous operations and real-time applications. With its vast ecosystem of packages and modules available through npm (Node Package Manager), Node.js has become a popular choice for web development, microservices, APIs, and more, enabling developers to create high-performance applications with ease.

Practice Test

241. Which Node.js module is commonly used for handling command-line arguments and options in CLI applications?

Answer: yargs

242. In Node.js CLI development, what is the purpose of the process.argv property?

Answer: To access command-line arguments passed to the script

243. What is the role of the "commander" module in Node.js CLI development?

Answer: To provide an easy way to define and handle command-line commands and options

244. What is the primary benefit of using a library like "inquirer.js" in Node.js CLI development?

Answer: It allows developers to create interactive and user-friendly command-line prompts and menus.

245. What is "chalk" in the context of Node.js CLI development, and how is it used?

Answer: A library for adding colored text and styles to CLI output

246. What does the term "TTY" stand for in the context of Node.js CLI development?

Answer: Teletype

247. What is "stdin" in the context of Node.js CLI development?

Answer: The standard input stream that allows data to be read from the command-line user

248. In Node.js CLI development, how can you capture and handle user input from the command line?

Answer: By using the "stdin" stream and event listeners

249. What is the primary purpose of the "shelljs" module in Node.js CLI development?

Answer: To provide a portable and cross-platform way to interact with the file system and shell commands in a CLI application

250. What is the purpose of following consistent coding conventions in Node.js development?

Answer: To improve code readability, maintainability, and collaboration among developers
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