160+ Mysql MCQ With Online Practice Test

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that has been a cornerstone of web applications and data-driven solutions for over two decades. Developed by Oracle, MySQL offers a robust and efficient platform for storing, managing, and retrieving structured data. Its features include support for SQL, high performance, scalability, and extensive community support. MySQL is widely used for web development, e-commerce, content management systems, and more, making it a versatile and trusted database solution for organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

Practice Test

101. What is the primary purpose of user authentication in MySQL?

Answer: Data security

102. Which MySQL privilege is required to create new users?


103. In MySQL, what is the purpose of the GRANT statement?

Answer: To grant privileges

104. Which authentication method in MySQL uses a username and password for access?

Answer: Native authentication

105. What is the purpose of the MySQL "root" user account?

Answer: To manage server administration

106. What is SQL injection in MySQL and why is it a security concern?

Answer: A technique to exploit vulnerabilities

107. Which feature in MySQL helps protect data during transmission over the network?

Answer: SSL/TLS

108. What is the purpose of the MySQL "REVOKE" statement?

Answer: To remove privileges

109. Which MySQL privilege allows a user to execute "CREATE TABLE" statements?


110. What is the primary benefit of using stored procedures in MySQL security?

Answer: Reducing SQL injection risk
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