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1. What does the "mysqldump" tool primarily do in the context of database migration?

2. Which MySQL feature allows for multiple source replication, enabling replication from multiple master servers to a single slave?

3. Which storage engine provides the most robust support for full-text indexing and searching in MySQL?

4. What is the default port number for MySQL connections?

5. What SQL statement is used to remove data from a database?

6. What MySQL data type is suitable for storing date and time values?

7. Which type of index in MySQL allows for faster retrieval of rows but may slow down INSERT and UPDATE operations?

8. What is a primary advantage of using MySQL?

9. How can you perform a point-in-time recovery in MySQL?

10. What is the primary reason for the "InnoDB: Error: Table space is full" error in MySQL?

11. Which SQL statement is used to insert data into a MySQL table?

12. Which command is used to show a list of all available databases in MySQL?

13. What is the first step in installing MySQL?

14. Which storage engine is suitable for in-memory databases with low latency requirements?

15. Which global privilege is required to create new databases in MySQL?

16. What is the primary purpose of database migration in MySQL?

17. Which of the following is not a valid MySQL data type?

18. Which MySQL privilege allows a user to execute "CREATE TABLE" statements?

19. Which feature of MySQL Workbench is commonly used for data migration tasks?

20. Which command is used to start the MySQL server on a Windows system?