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1. What is the purpose of the SQL WHERE clause?

2. Which SQL clause is used to filter results based on an aggregate function like COUNT or SUM?

3. What is the primary use of MySQL's "Stored Procedures"?

4. Which privilege allows a user to read data from a MySQL database?

5. What can cause the "Too Many Connections" error in MySQL?

6. What SQL statement is used to remove a table's structure and data in MySQL?

7. Which MySQL feature allows for multiple source replication, enabling replication from multiple master servers to a single slave?

8. What does the MySQL Performance Schema tool help with?

9. In MySQL, which SQL command can be used to remove an index from a table?

10. Which MySQL replication mode is designed for high write-intensive workloads?

11. What does the SQL UPDATE statement do in MySQL?

12. What is the primary advantage of using the "Replication" method for database migration in MySQL?

13. Which statement is used to create a new user account in MySQL?

14. Which authentication method in MySQL uses a username and password for access?

15. What is the purpose of the DROP DATABASE statement in MySQL?

16. Which SQL statement is used to create a new MySQL database?

17. What is the primary purpose of database migration in MySQL?

18. What is the SQL command for renaming an existing database in MySQL?

19. Which tool is used to manage, configure, and monitor MySQL Cluster databases?

20. What is the purpose of the binary log in MySQL replication?