230+ Codeigniter MCQ With Online Practice Test

CodeIgniter is a powerful and lightweight open-source PHP framework renowned for its simplicity and speed in web application development. With a focus on minimal configuration and a straightforward yet comprehensive toolkit, CodeIgniter empowers developers to build robust and scalable web applications efficiently. Its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture enhances code organization, making it easy to create maintainable and modular applications. CodeIgniter also offers a rich set of libraries and helpers, enabling rapid development and customization. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, CodeIgniter is an excellent choice for crafting dynamic and high-performance web solutions.

Practice Test

141. What is the purpose of HTTP status codes in RESTful API responses?

Answer: To indicate the result of the request (e.g., success or error)

142. Which HTTP status code is typically returned for a successful GET request in a RESTful API?

Answer: 200 OK

143. What does CRUD stand for in the context of RESTful API operations?

Answer: Create, Read, Update, Delete

144. In RESTful API development, what is the primary purpose of the "resource identifier" (URI)?

Answer: To uniquely identify a resource

145. How can you secure a CodeIgniter RESTful API to ensure that only authorized users can access it?

Answer: Use authentication and authorization mechanisms

146. What is the primary advantage of using RESTful API routes in CodeIgniter?

Answer: They provide a standardized way to access resources

147. In RESTful API development, what HTTP method is commonly used to retrieve a resource by its unique identifier (ID)?

Answer: GET

148. What is caching in web development?

Answer: Storing frequently used data

149. Why is caching important in CodeIgniter applications?

Answer: Improves application performance

150. In CodeIgniter, what types of caching are supported?

Answer: Page, Data, and Query caching
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