250+ CakePHP MCQ With Online Practice Test

CakePHP is a popular PHP web application framework renowned for its efficiency and simplicity in web development. Introduced in 2005, it has evolved into a mature and versatile tool for building robust, feature-rich web applications. CakePHP follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, offering developers a structured and organized approach to coding. With features like built-in security, database integration, and a flexible templating system, CakePHP accelerates development while maintaining code integrity. It's an excellent choice for developers seeking rapid, scalable, and maintainable web development solutions.

Practice Test

221. What does scaling refer to in the context of CakePHP applications?

Answer: Increasing the application's capacity

222. In CakePHP, what is horizontal scaling?

Answer: Adding more servers to the application

223. Which type of scaling helps distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers in a CakePHP application?

Answer: Load balancing

224. What is a common technique to implement load balancing in a CakePHP application?

Answer: Using a reverse proxy

225. What is database sharding in CakePHP scaling?

Answer: Dividing a database into smaller parts

226. What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and how does it contribute to scaling CakePHP applications?

Answer: A network of distributed servers

227. Which caching technique is commonly used to improve the performance of CakePHP applications?

Answer: OpCode caching

228. What is OpCode caching in CakePHP scaling?

Answer: Caching compiled PHP code

229. How does database replication contribute to scaling CakePHP applications?

Answer: It provides redundant copies of the database

230. What is the purpose of auto-scaling in CakePHP applications?

Answer: Automatically adjusting server resources
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