250+ CakePHP MCQ With Online Practice Test

CakePHP is a popular PHP web application framework renowned for its efficiency and simplicity in web development. Introduced in 2005, it has evolved into a mature and versatile tool for building robust, feature-rich web applications. CakePHP follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, offering developers a structured and organized approach to coding. With features like built-in security, database integration, and a flexible templating system, CakePHP accelerates development while maintaining code integrity. It's an excellent choice for developers seeking rapid, scalable, and maintainable web development solutions.

Practice Test

101. What are CakePHP Helpers primarily used for?

Answer: Creating reusable, View-related functionality

102. Which CakePHP Helper is commonly used to create HTML links?

Answer: HtmlHelper

103. How can you load a Helper in a CakePHP Controller or View?

Answer: By using the $this->loadComponent() method

104. In CakePHP, what is the purpose of the UrlHelper?

Answer: Generating URLs and links

105. Which CakePHP Helper is used to work with form elements and create forms?

Answer: FormHelper

106. What is the primary function of the SessionHelper in CakePHP?

Answer: Managing session data

107. Which CakePHP Helper is used to create pagination controls for lists of data?

Answer: PaginatorHelper

108. What is the purpose of the NumberHelper in CakePHP?

Answer: Formatting numbers and currencies

109. In CakePHP, how can you use the FlashHelper to display flash messages?

Answer: By using the $this->Flash->success() method

110. Which CakePHP Helper is used to work with HTML forms, including form validation and submission?

Answer: FormHelper
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