200+ Laravel MCQ With Online Practice Test

Laravel is a widely-used PHP web application framework, known for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly features. Introduced in 2011, it offers robust tools for routing, authentication, and database interactions. Laravel promotes MVC architecture, simplifying complex tasks and fostering rapid development. Its active community and comprehensive documentation make it a top choice for web development projects.

Practice Test

11. What is Laravel?

Answer: A PHP web application framework

12. Who is the creator of Laravel?

Answer: Taylor Otwell

13. Which programming language is primarily used in Laravel development?

Answer: PHP

14. Which design pattern is commonly used in Laravel to separate application concerns?

Answer: Model-View-Controller (MVC)

15. What is the purpose of Laravel's Artisan command-line tool?

Answer: To generate boilerplate code and perform various tasks

16. Which file in a Laravel project is used to manage environment-specific configuration variables?

Answer: .env

17. Which database systems are supported by Laravel's database query builder and ORM, Eloquent?

Answer: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server

18. What is the purpose of running composer install in a Laravel project?

Answer: To install project dependencies defined in the composer.json file

19. Which of the following is NOT a key feature of Laravel?

Answer: Real-time chat functionality

20. Which Laravel package manager is used to install and manage third-party packages and libraries?

Answer: Composer
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