200+ Laravel MCQ With Online Practice Test

Laravel is a widely-used PHP web application framework, known for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly features. Introduced in 2011, it offers robust tools for routing, authentication, and database interactions. Laravel promotes MVC architecture, simplifying complex tasks and fostering rapid development. Its active community and comprehensive documentation make it a top choice for web development projects.

Practice Test

201. Which Laravel package provides an elegant syntax for sending email in Laravel applications?

Answer: Laravel Mail

202. What is the primary purpose of Laravel Horizon in the Laravel ecosystem?

Answer: To monitor and manage queues in real-time

203. Which Laravel package simplifies the process of managing user roles and permissions in Laravel applications?

Answer: Laravel Spatie

204. What is the Laravel Eloquent Sluggable package used for?

Answer: To simplify the creation of SEO-friendly URLs by automatically generating slugs

205. Which Laravel package provides a way to generate API documentation and testing in Laravel applications?

Answer: Laravel Swagger

206. What is the purpose of the Laravel Telescope package in the Laravel ecosystem?

Answer: To provide real-time monitoring and debugging tools for Laravel applications

207. Which package is commonly used in Laravel for handling database seeding and factory data generation?

Answer: Laravel Faker
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