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1. Which of the following is NOT a common response format used in Laravel API development?

2. What is the purpose of the @extends directive in Blade templates?

3. What is the purpose of Laravel's auth middleware?

4. How do you configure the default caching driver in Laravel?

5. Which of the following Laravel Passport OAuth2 grant types allows users to log in using their username and password to obtain an access token?

6. Which of the following is a valid Blade directive in Laravel for outputting data?

7. In Laravel queues, what does the delay method do when dispatching a job?

8. Which Laravel middleware is used for handling user roles and permissions?

9. How do you pass data to a Blade view in Laravel?

10. Which package is commonly used in Laravel for handling database seeding and factory data generation?

11. What is the purpose of API versioning in Laravel API development?

12. What is Laravel?

13. What is the Laravel Eloquent Sluggable package used for?

14. What is Blade in Laravel?

15. In Laravel, where are test classes typically located?

16. How can you pass parameters to a route in Laravel?

17. What is middleware in the context of Laravel controllers?

18. In Laravel, what is the purpose of a resource controller?

19. What does the validate method do in a Laravel form request class?

20. In Laravel, how do you retrieve a localized translation string within your application code?