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1. Which file in a Laravel project is used to manage environment-specific configuration variables?

2. In Laravel, where are API routes typically defined?

3. In Laravel caching, what happens when the TTL of cached data expires?

4. What is the purpose of the php artisan serve command in Laravel?

5. What is Laravel Broadcasting primarily used for?

6. In Laravel, what is the purpose of the public disk in the filesystem configuration?

7. Which Eloquent method is used to update records in a database table based on specific criteria?

8. Which OAuth2 grant type is commonly used for securing API endpoints with Laravel Passport?

9. What is the purpose of cache tags in Laravel caching?

10. In Laravel Passport, how can you revoke an access token?

11. Which of the following is a common use case for route middleware in Laravel?

12. Which of the following is NOT a common rule type used in Laravel validation?

13. What is the recommended way to ensure security during Laravel deployment?

14. How can you delete a file from Laravel's file storage system using the Storage facade?

15. What does the validate method do in a Laravel form request class?

16. What is the primary purpose of the storage disk in Laravel's filesystem configuration?

17. What is the HTTP status code typically returned when a resource is successfully created in an API endpoint?

18. What is the purpose of the @stack directive in Blade templates?

19. Which middleware in Laravel is commonly used to protect routes and ensure that only authenticated users can access them?

20. What is a feature test in Laravel?