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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity for its simplicity and flexibility in building user interfaces. With its elegant design and ease of integration into projects, Vue.js allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications. Vue.js follows a component-based architecture, making it easy to develop and maintain complex applications. Whether you're building single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), or incorporating Vue.js into existing projects, it empowers you to craft responsive and feature-rich user experiences with ease and efficiency.

Practice Test

111. What is the primary purpose of making HTTP requests in a Vue.js application?

Answer: To fetch or send data

112. Which Vue.js feature is commonly used for making HTTP requests to external APIs?

Answer: Vue Resource

113. How can you install Vue Resource in a Vue.js project?

Answer: Using the vue add resource command

114. In Vue Resource, which HTTP method is typically used for retrieving data from a server?

Answer: GET

115. What is the purpose of the .then() method when making an asynchronous HTTP request in Vue Resource?

Answer: To handle the response

116. How can you include query parameters in an HTTP GET request URL using Vue Resource?

Answer: Using the query option

117. In Vue Resource, what is the role of the params option in an HTTP request?

Answer: To define route parameters

118. Which method is used to send data in the body of an HTTP POST request using Vue Resource?

Answer: this.post()

119. How can you handle errors when making an HTTP request with Vue Resource?

Answer: Using the .catch() method

120. In Vue Resource, what is the primary benefit of using the .json() method when handling an HTTP response?

Answer: It converts the response to JSON format
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