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1. Which testing framework is commonly used for testing Vue.js applications?

2. Which Vue.js utility can help you with mocking dependencies during testing?

3. What is the purpose of the .stop event modifier in Vue?

4. What is the purpose of setting up proper error handling in a deployed Vue.js application?

5. How can you bind a CSS class to an element conditionally in Vue templates?

6. Which directive is used to bind an attribute's value to an expression in Vue?

7. Which library or tool is commonly used alongside Vue.js for state management?

8. In Vue, what is the syntax for using a custom directive in a template expression?

9. What is the primary purpose of testing in Vue.js applications?

10. What is the Vue.js ecosystem primarily centered around?

11. In Vue, what is the main benefit of using custom directives?

12. What is Vue Internationalization (i18n) primarily used for?

13. In a Vue form, what is the role of the v-bind directive?

14. Which Vue CLI service command compiles and hot-reloads for development?

15. What is the purpose of the npm run build command in Vue.js deployment?

16. What class is applied to an element when it enters the DOM with a Vue transition?

17. How can you access the Vue instance itself within its own methods or lifecycle hooks?

18. Which development server is typically used by Vue CLI when running a project locally?

19. In Vuex, what is an action and when would you use it?

20. Which deployment method is typically used for hosting Vue.js applications on a shared web hosting service?