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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity for its simplicity and flexibility in building user interfaces. With its elegant design and ease of integration into projects, Vue.js allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications. Vue.js follows a component-based architecture, making it easy to develop and maintain complex applications. Whether you're building single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), or incorporating Vue.js into existing projects, it empowers you to craft responsive and feature-rich user experiences with ease and efficiency.

Practice Test

91. What is the primary purpose of state management in a Vue.js application?

Answer: To store and manage data

92. Which built-in Vue feature can be used for simple state management within a single component?

Answer: Local component state

93. What is Vuex used for in a Vue.js application?

Answer: Managing state across components

94. How do you install Vuex in a Vue.js project?

Answer: Using the vue add vuex command

95. In Vuex, what is a store?

Answer: A global state management container

96. What is a mutation in the context of Vuex?

Answer: A way to modify state directly

97. How do you commit a mutation in Vuex?

Answer: Using commit('mutationName')

98. In Vuex, what is an action and when would you use it?

Answer: A way to make asynchronous API calls

99. What is the primary role of getters in Vuex?

Answer: To access and compute state

100. Which Vue CLI 3 feature helps you manage state, routing, and other aspects of your application's configuration?

Answer: Vuex
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