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Symfony is a powerful PHP framework renowned for its versatility and robustness. Established in 2005, it follows the MVC architecture, offering reusable components and tools for web development. With a strong community, Symfony excels in creating everything from small apps to complex enterprise systems, making it a top choice for PHP developers.

Practice Test

71. In Symfony, what is an entity in the context of Doctrine ORM?

Answer: A PHP class that represents a database table

72. What is the purpose of annotations in Doctrine ORM entity classes?

Answer: To configure mapping information between PHP entities and database tables

73. Which Doctrine annotation is commonly used to define the primary key of an entity?

Answer: ### @Id

74. In Symfony Doctrine ORM, what is a repository class used for?

Answer: To encapsulate database queries and provide a convenient way to fetch entities

75. What is the purpose of the Doctrine EntityManager in Symfony?

Answer: To manage database connections, perform CRUD operations on entities, and execute queries

76. In Symfony Doctrine ORM, what is the purpose of the @ManyToOne annotation?

Answer: To establish a many-to-one relationship between entities

77. What is a DQL (Doctrine Query Language) in Symfony Doctrine ORM?

Answer: A domain-specific language for querying objects stored in the database

78. What is the purpose of Doctrine migrations in Symfony applications?

Answer: To manage and version-control database schema changes over time

79. Which command is used to generate and execute database migrations in Symfony Doctrine ORM?

Answer: php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

80. What is the primary purpose of Symfony's security component?

Answer: To provide authentication and authorization features for Symfony applications
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