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Symfony is a powerful PHP framework renowned for its versatility and robustness. Established in 2005, it follows the MVC architecture, offering reusable components and tools for web development. With a strong community, Symfony excels in creating everything from small apps to complex enterprise systems, making it a top choice for PHP developers.

Practice Test

181. In Symfony, what is opcode caching, and how does it improve performance?

Answer: Opcode caching stores compiled PHP code in memory, reducing the need to recompile code with each request and improving execution speed.

182. Which Symfony component is commonly used for optimizing and minifying CSS and JavaScript assets for improved performance?

Answer: Asset Component

183. What is HTTP caching, and how does it contribute to performance optimization in Symfony applications?

Answer: HTTP caching stores copies of HTTP responses in the client's cache and in intermediate caches, reducing the need to regenerate responses and decreasing server load.

184. How can Symfony developers implement lazy loading to improve performance when working with related entities in Doctrine ORM?

Answer: By configuring associations to be fetched lazily, meaning they are loaded only when accessed

185. What is Symfony Flex?

Answer: A command-line tool for managing Symfony applications

186. What is the primary purpose of Symfony Flex in Symfony applications?

Answer: To simplify the management of Symfony applications by automating common tasks, such as package installation and configuration

187. Which command is used to install Symfony Flex in a Symfony project?

Answer: composer require symfony/flex

188. How does Symfony Flex manage Symfony application dependencies and recipes?

Answer: By using a manifest file called symfony.lock to track dependencies and recipes

189. What are Symfony Flex recipes?

Answer: Configuration files and code modifications that automatically configure and adapt packages for Symfony applications

190. Which command is used to list available recipes and choose which ones to apply to a Symfony application using Symfony Flex?

Answer: php bin/console flex:recipes:list
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