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1. In Symfony, how can you access route parameters in a controller action?

2. Which of the following statements is true about Symfony middleware?

3. How can you register an event listener in Symfony?

4. What is the Symfony FormBuilder used for in form creation?

5. In Symfony security, what is the authentication process?

6. What is the Symfony Command class used for in console commands?

7. What is the purpose of Symfony's service aliases?

8. What is the Symfony Dependency Injection Container responsible for?

9. Which command is used to list all registered event listeners and subscribers in a Symfony application?

10. What is HTTP caching, and how does it contribute to performance optimization in Symfony applications?

11. In Symfony Doctrine ORM, what is a repository class used for?

12. In Symfony, what is an entity in the context of Doctrine ORM?

13. Which web server software is commonly used to serve Symfony applications in a production environment?

14. What is the difference between OAuth 2.0 and JWT (JSON Web Tokens) in API authentication?

15. What is the purpose of the Symfony Security component?

16. What is the purpose of a unit test in Symfony?

17. What is the Symfony Guard authenticator used for?

18. What is the purpose of the .env file in a Symfony project?

19. What is a DQL (Doctrine Query Language) in Symfony Doctrine ORM?

20. Which Symfony component is responsible for handling HTTP requests and responses?