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1. In Symfony, what is the purpose of a custom exception listener?

2. Which Symfony component is responsible for handling HTTP requests and responses?

3. What is the purpose of the Doctrine EntityManager in Symfony?

4. Which caching strategy involves storing a copy of the entire rendered HTML output of web pages and serving that copy to subsequent users to reduce server load?

5. Which command is used to list all services registered in the Symfony Dependency Injection Container?

6. In Symfony, when is the kernel.controller event typically dispatched?

7. In Symfony forms, how can you define validation rules for form fields?

8. Symfony's development speed and flexibility are often compared to which other PHP framework?

9. What is a firewall in Symfony security?

10. How can you update recipes in a Symfony Flex project?

11. In Symfony, how can you access route parameters in a controller action?

12. How can you pass arguments to a Symfony console command when invoking it from the command line?

13. How can Symfony developers implement lazy loading to improve performance when working with related entities in Doctrine ORM?

14. Which Symfony command is used to list all defined routes in a Symfony application?

15. How do you render a template in a Symfony controller action?

16. What is the Symfony Guard authenticator used for?

17. What is the purpose of a Symfony event in the event-driven architecture?

18. Which architecture pattern symfony follows?

19. How does Symfony Flex manage Symfony application dependencies and recipes?

20. Which Symfony component allows developers to dispatch and listen for events within an application?