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Symfony is a powerful PHP framework renowned for its versatility and robustness. Established in 2005, it follows the MVC architecture, offering reusable components and tools for web development. With a strong community, Symfony excels in creating everything from small apps to complex enterprise systems, making it a top choice for PHP developers.

61. Which component in Symfony is responsible for creating and handling forms?

Answer: Form Component

62. What is form rendering in Symfony?

Answer: The process of displaying a form in an HTML template

63. In Symfony forms, what is a form type class used for?

Answer: To define the structure and behavior of a form

64. What is the purpose of form fields in Symfony forms?

Answer: To represent specific pieces of data within a form

65. Which Symfony form type is commonly used for text input fields?

Answer: text

66. What is form validation in Symfony?

Answer: The process of ensuring that user input meets specified criteria and constraints

67. In Symfony forms, how can you define validation rules for form fields?

Answer: By configuring validation constraints as annotations, YAML, XML, or PHP options

68. Which Symfony component is commonly used for defining and applying validation constraints to form fields?

Answer: Validator Component

69. What is the Symfony FormBuilder used for in form creation?

Answer: To configure and add form fields and options

70. What is the primary purpose of Doctrine ORM in Symfony applications?

Answer: To map PHP objects to database tables and simplify database operations
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