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Symfony is a powerful PHP framework renowned for its versatility and robustness. Established in 2005, it follows the MVC architecture, offering reusable components and tools for web development. With a strong community, Symfony excels in creating everything from small apps to complex enterprise systems, making it a top choice for PHP developers.

Practice Test

141. In Symfony, what is a DTO (Data Transfer Object) commonly used for in API development?

Answer: To represent complex data structures when exchanging data between the API and clients

142. Which Symfony component is used for handling API request and response formats, such as JSON and XML?

Answer: Serializer

143. What is the purpose of API rate limiting?

Answer: To limit the number of API requests a client can make over a specific time period to prevent abuse or overuse

144. In Symfony API development, what is the purpose of API pagination?

Answer: To break up large result sets into smaller, manageable subsets to improve performance and reduce data transfer

145. What is the difference between OAuth 2.0 and JWT (JSON Web Tokens) in API authentication?

Answer: OAuth 2.0 is an authentication framework, while JWT is a token format often used for access tokens in OAuth 2.0.

146. In Symfony API development, what is the purpose of API versioning using URL prefixes (e.g., /v1/resource)?

Answer: To differentiate between different versions of the API and allow clients to specify which version they want to use

147. What is the role of a Symfony API platform in API development?

Answer: To provide a framework for building APIs with features like automatic CRUD generation and GraphQL support

148. What is GraphQL, and how does it differ from REST in API development?

Answer: GraphQL is a more flexible and efficient alternative to REST, allowing clients to request exactly the data they need in a single query.

149. What is the purpose of API documentation tools like Swagger and OpenAPI in Symfony API development?

Answer: To generate interactive and machine-readable documentation for APIs, making it easier for developers to understand and use the API

150. In Symfony, what is the primary purpose of middleware?

Answer: To handle HTTP requests and responses in a flexible and reusable way
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