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React.js, often simply called React, is a highly popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Developed and maintained by Facebook, React is renowned for its component-based architecture and the ability to efficiently update and render components when data changes. It is a foundational tool for developing modern web and mobile applications, allowing developers to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces with ease. React's vast ecosystem, including tools like React Native for mobile app development, makes it a top choice for frontend development and a key player in the world of web technologies.

Practice Test

241. What is serverless computing in the context of web development?

Answer: A server-free approach to hosting websites

242. Which cloud service providers offer serverless computing platforms?

Answer: AWS Lambda and Azure Functions

243. How does serverless integration benefit React applications?

Answer: It allows for scalable, cost-effective hosting

244. What is AWS Lambda, and how is it commonly used with React?

Answer: A serverless compute service on AWS

245. What is the purpose of the "serverless.yml" configuration file in a serverless application?

Answer: To define serverless functions and resources

246. Which AWS service is often used in conjunction with AWS Lambda for building serverless APIs?

Answer: Amazon API Gateway

247. How do you deploy a serverless React application to AWS Lambda?

Answer: Using a deployment script

248. What is the advantage of using a serverless authentication service like AWS Cognito in a React application?

Answer: It provides secure user authentication

249. In a serverless architecture, how is the scaling of resources typically managed?

Answer: Automatically by the cloud provider

250. What is a common use case for serverless integration in a React application?

Answer: Building APIs and handling user authentication
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