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Yii is a high-performance, open-source PHP framework renowned for its efficiency and versatility in web application development. Launched in 2008, Yii (pronounced "yee") has gained a strong following among developers worldwide. It boasts a robust set of features, including a powerful extension system, seamless integration of third-party libraries, and comprehensive tools for handling security and scalability. With its emphasis on clean, maintainable code and rapid development, Yii is an excellent choice for building web applications of varying complexities, from simple websites to intricate enterprise solutions.

Practice Test

51. What Yii class is commonly used as the base class for models to enable ActiveRecord functionality?

Answer: yii\db\ActiveRecord

52. Which Yii method is used to create a new record in the database when working with ActiveRecord models?

Answer: save()

53. In Yii, how are model attributes typically defined?

Answer: As class properties with getters and setters

54. What is the purpose of Yii's "ActiveRecord" class?

Answer: To represent a database table and provide methods for data manipulation

55. Which Yii method is used to retrieve a single record by its primary key in ActiveRecord models?

Answer: findOne()

56. In Yii, how can you define model validation rules?

Answer: By adding rules in the model's "rules" method

57. What is the primary benefit of using Yii's ActiveRecord models?

Answer: Simplifies database interaction and data validation

58. In Yii's ActiveRecord models, how do you specify the table name corresponding to the model?

Answer: By using the "tableName" method

59. In Yii, what does the "find" method allow you to do with ActiveRecord models?

Answer: Query the database and retrieve records

60. What is the primary configuration file in Yii for specifying database connection settings?

Answer: config/db.php
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