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1. Which type of caching in Yii is suitable for frequently changing data in RESTful APIs?

2. Which Yii console command is used to create a new Yii project template?

3. Which Yii method is commonly used to process form submissions and update a resource's data in the database?

4. In Yii, what does the term "resource" refer to in the context of RESTful APIs?

5. In Yii, what is the purpose of a "message source" when dealing with Internationalization (i18n)?

6. In Yii, which method is used to format numbers, dates, and times according to the user's locale preferences?

7. In Yii's database configuration, what is typically included in the 'dsn' parameter for MySQL?

8. What is horizontal scaling in Yii for web application performance improvement?

9. What is the purpose of creating a production environment configuration in Yii?

10. In Yii, which component is responsible for handling pagination of data in RESTful APIs?

11. Which tool can be used to search for available Yii extensions on the Yii website?

12. What is the main advantage of using Yii's Active Record over traditional SQL queries?

13. In Yii's database configuration, what is the purpose of specifying a 'password' parameter?

14. In Yii, what role does the "View" component play in the context of RESTful web applications?

15. Which HTTP method is commonly associated with the "index" action in a RESTful Yii controller?

16. What is the HTTP status code for an "Internal Server Error" in a RESTful API response?

17. What is the purpose of an event in Yii?

18. Which of the following databases is NOT supported out-of-the-box by Yii 2?

19. Which Yii method is used to create a new record in the database when working with ActiveRecord models?

20. What is the purpose of using Yii's asset management for scaling?