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1. Which Yii widget is used for rendering a form in RESTful applications, allowing users to submit data?

2. What is the purpose of Yii's ActiveForm widget when working with forms?

3. What is the Yii component used to improve application scalability by caching database query results?

4. What is an extension in Yii?

5. In Yii's RESTful form handling, which HTTP verb is commonly used to delete a resource?

6. In Yii, what is the primary role of RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) in authorization?

7. Which directory is the default location for storing assets in a Yii application?

8. In Yii, what is the primary role of a "Model" in the MVC architecture?

9. In Yii, which component is responsible for handling pagination of data in RESTful APIs?

10. What is the primary purpose of using 'scopes' in Yii's Active Record?

11. What is the role of a project manager in Yii project management?

12. In Yii, which caching component is used to cache data in a RESTful API application?

13. Which Yii caching technique is suitable for scaling and reducing database load?

14. Which Yii component is used to load translation messages from message source files?

15. What does the "verbs" method in a Yii RESTful controller allow you to specify?

16. In Yii, what does the term "resource" refer to in the context of RESTful APIs?

17. How can you restrict access to a specific action in a Yii controller to authenticated users only?

18. In RESTful API design, what is the purpose of the "id" parameter commonly used in URLs?

19. What is the primary purpose of data caching in RESTful Yii applications?

20. In Yii's Active Record, what method is used to retrieve a single record by its primary key?