240+ PHP Yii Framework MCQ With Online Practice Test

Yii is a high-performance, open-source PHP framework renowned for its efficiency and versatility in web application development. Launched in 2008, Yii (pronounced "yee") has gained a strong following among developers worldwide. It boasts a robust set of features, including a powerful extension system, seamless integration of third-party libraries, and comprehensive tools for handling security and scalability. With its emphasis on clean, maintainable code and rapid development, Yii is an excellent choice for building web applications of varying complexities, from simple websites to intricate enterprise solutions.

Practice Test

221. In Yii, what is the purpose of creating a project timeline or schedule during project management?

Answer: To track progress and deadlines

222. What is the role of a project manager in Yii project management?

Answer: Managing project resources

223. In Yii, what does the term "scope creep" refer to in project management?

Answer: A feature or requirement that exceeds the budget

224. What is the purpose of conducting a feasibility study in Yii project management?

Answer: To evaluate the feasibility of project execution

225. What is the primary goal of project monitoring and control in Yii project management?

Answer: To identify and address project issues

226. Which Yii console command is used to create a new Yii project template?

Answer: yii init

227. In Yii project management, what is the purpose of defining project roles and responsibilities?

Answer: To allocate tasks and responsibilities

228. What is the significance of project documentation in Yii project management?

Answer: It provides a record of project details

229. What is horizontal scaling in Yii for web application performance improvement?

Answer: Running multiple servers in a cluster

230. Which Yii caching technique is suitable for scaling and reducing database load?

Answer: Page caching
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