240+ PHP Yii Framework MCQ With Online Practice Test

Yii is a high-performance, open-source PHP framework renowned for its efficiency and versatility in web application development. Launched in 2008, Yii (pronounced "yee") has gained a strong following among developers worldwide. It boasts a robust set of features, including a powerful extension system, seamless integration of third-party libraries, and comprehensive tools for handling security and scalability. With its emphasis on clean, maintainable code and rapid development, Yii is an excellent choice for building web applications of varying complexities, from simple websites to intricate enterprise solutions.

Practice Test

191. Which Yii component is responsible for detecting the user's preferred language and setting the application's locale accordingly?

Answer: yii\i18n\Locale

192. What Yii method is used to translate messages in the current locale?

Answer: Yii::t()

193. What does Localization (l10n) primarily involve in Yii applications?

Answer: Adapting an application for a specific region and culture

194. In Yii, which method is used to format numbers, dates, and times according to the user's locale preferences?

Answer: Yii::$app->formatter->format()

195. In Yii, what is a common file format used for storing translation messages?

Answer: Gettext (.po)

196. Which Yii component is used to load translation messages from message source files?

Answer: yii\i18n\I18N

197. What Yii method is used to specify the language to be used in a particular code block?

Answer: Yii::app()->setLanguage()

198. In Yii, what is the primary purpose of using placeholders in translation messages?

Answer: To insert dynamic content into translated messages

199. What is the primary purpose of Yii Console Commands in a RESTful API application?

Answer: To perform background tasks and automate processes

200. Which Yii console command is commonly used to create a new migration for database schema changes?

Answer: yii migrate/create
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