140+ NoSQL MCQ With Online Practice Test

NoSQL, short for "Not Only SQL," represents a family of database management systems designed for flexible and scalable data storage. Unlike traditional relational databases, NoSQL databases employ various data models like document, key-value, graph, and column-family, enabling them to handle diverse data types and structures. NoSQL databases are well-suited for applications requiring high data velocity and volume, such as web and mobile apps, IoT devices, and big data analytics. They offer horizontal scalability, strong performance, and support for distributed, non-tabular data storage, making them a valuable choice for modern, dynamic data management needs.
Practice Test

81. Which NoSQL database uses a document-oriented data model?

Answer: MongoDB

82. Which NoSQL database is known for its key-value store?

Answer: Redis

83. What type of data model does Apache Cassandra use?

Answer: Wide-column store

84. Which NoSQL database was developed by Facebook and is used for real-time analytics?

Answer: Apache HBase

85. Neo4j is a popular NoSQL database for which type of data?

Answer: Graph Data

86. Which NoSQL database is often used for caching and session management?

Answer: Memcached

87. Couchbase is a NoSQL database compatible with which popular NoSQL database's API?

Answer: Memcached

88. Which NoSQL database is designed for high availability and partition tolerance?

Answer: Cassandra

89. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service provided by which company?

Answer: Amazon

90. What type of data model does Apache Solr use for its search capabilities?

Answer: Search-Oriented
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