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1. What does the BASE acronym stand for in NoSQL databases?

2. Which of the following properties does BASE prioritize in NoSQL databases, in contrast to the ACID properties?

3. What is a common disadvantage of NoSQL databases when it comes to data consistency?

4. Which consistency model allows for temporary inconsistencies and resolves them over time?

5. Which property in the CAP Theorem states that every read receives the most recent write?

6. Which authentication method commonly secures access to NoSQL databases?

7. Which type of scalability involves adding more nodes to an existing system to handle increased load?

8. Which NoSQL database might use replication as a data migration strategy to ensure high availability and fault tolerance?

9. Which NoSQL database consistency model aims to achieve the best possible consistency within the constraints of a distributed system?

10. Which consistency model is suitable for applications where low-latency reads are more important than strong data consistency?

11. What is the primary goal of data migration in NoSQL databases?

12. In a schema-less NoSQL database, data is typically stored in what format?

13. What does GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) primarily address in NoSQL data?

14. Which backup method is suitable for protecting against accidental data loss, but less effective for disaster recovery in NoSQL databases?

15. Which type of data migration moves data from one NoSQL database to another while preserving the data structure?

16. What is the focus of the "S" in BASE?

17. What is the primary concern in NoSQL database security?

18. What is the primary purpose of a query language in NoSQL databases?

19. Which query language is commonly associated with querying data in JSON-based NoSQL databases?

20. Which principle of the CAP Theorem asserts that all nodes in a distributed system can read and write data?