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1. When a distributed system adheres to the CAP Theorem, what is sacrificed during network partitions?

2. Which scalability type allows a system to handle more data by adding resources to a single machine?

3. What type of data model does Apache Solr use for its search capabilities?

4. Which NoSQL database is designed for high availability and partition tolerance?

5. Which backup method involves taking a snapshot of the entire NoSQL database at a specific point in time?

6. What is a potential drawback of using continuous backup in NoSQL databases?

7. Which NoSQL database is known for its query language inspired by SQL and used for document databases?

8. What is the primary trade-off addressed by the CAP theorem regarding consistency in distributed systems?

9. In data recovery, what does the term "RTO" stand for in NoSQL databases?

10. What is the primary purpose of a query language in NoSQL databases?

11. In BASE, what does "A" represent?

12. In NoSQL databases, which caching technique reduces the likelihood of cache stampede?

13. Which aspect of BASE makes it suitable for distributed systems with high fault tolerance requirements?

14. Which NoSQL database category is typically associated with prioritizing Availability and Partition tolerance?

15. What is the primary purpose of caching in NoSQL databases?

16. What is a common disadvantage of NoSQL databases when it comes to data consistency?

17. Which data model allows for efficient handling of highly interconnected data?

18. What is the main purpose of OAuth 2.0 in NoSQL database security?

19. Which consistency model allows for temporary inconsistencies and resolves them over time?

20. What is a key disadvantage of NoSQL databases when it comes to complex queries involving multiple tables?