200+ Laravel MCQ With Online Practice Test

Laravel is a widely-used PHP web application framework, known for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly features. Introduced in 2011, it offers robust tools for routing, authentication, and database interactions. Laravel promotes MVC architecture, simplifying complex tasks and fostering rapid development. Its active community and comprehensive documentation make it a top choice for web development projects.

Practice Test

171. What is the purpose of the auth:api middleware in Laravel Passport?

Answer: To protect API routes by requiring authentication

172. In Laravel Passport, how can you revoke an access token?

Answer: By using the oauth/token/revoke route with a valid token

173. What is Laravel Mix primarily used for in Laravel applications?

Answer: To compile and manage frontend assets like CSS and JavaScript

174. Which JavaScript framework is Laravel Mix commonly integrated with for frontend development?

Answer: Vue.js

175. In Laravel Mix, how do you compile CSS and JavaScript assets defined in your project?

Answer: By using the npm run dev or npm run prod commands

176. What is the purpose of the webpack.mix.js configuration file in Laravel Mix?

Answer: To specify asset source and destination paths, as well as compilation settings

177. How can you configure Laravel Mix to watch for changes in your assets and recompile them automatically during development?

Answer: By manually running npm run watch in the terminal

178. What is the primary goal of localization and internationalization in Laravel applications?

Answer: To make the application accessible and user-friendly for speakers of different languages and regions

179. In Laravel, what is localization?

Answer: Adapting the application to a specific language or region

180. What is the main file used for storing translation strings in Laravel localization?

Answer: resources/lang directory
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