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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity for its simplicity and flexibility in building user interfaces. With its elegant design and ease of integration into projects, Vue.js allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications. Vue.js follows a component-based architecture, making it easy to develop and maintain complex applications. Whether you're building single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), or incorporating Vue.js into existing projects, it empowers you to craft responsive and feature-rich user experiences with ease and efficiency.

Practice Test

71. What is a Vue component?

Answer: A reusable Vue instance

72. How do you define a Vue component in a Vue application?

Answer: Using the defineComponent() method

73. What is the purpose of the data option in a Vue component definition?

Answer: To store data properties

74. How can you pass data from a parent component to a child component in Vue?

Answer: Using props

75. What is the primary role of the props option in a Vue component?

Answer: To accept data from a parent component

76. How can you emit a custom event from a child component to its parent component in Vue?

Answer: Using the $emit() method

77. In a Vue component, what is the lifecycle hook that is called when the component is mounted to the DOM?

Answer: mounted

78. What is the purpose of slots in Vue components?

Answer: To provide a template for content

79. How can you create a reusable Vue component that can be used across multiple Vue applications?

Answer: Export the component as a JavaScript module

80. What is the key benefit of using Vue components in a web application?

Answer: Improved code organization
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