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Symfony is a powerful PHP framework renowned for its versatility and robustness. Established in 2005, it follows the MVC architecture, offering reusable components and tools for web development. With a strong community, Symfony excels in creating everything from small apps to complex enterprise systems, making it a top choice for PHP developers.

Practice Test

101. What is a service in Symfony's Dependency Injection Container?

Answer: A PHP class that provides a specific functionality or resource

102. What is the Symfony Dependency Injection Container responsible for?

Answer: To store and manage service definitions and their dependencies

103. How do you define a service in Symfony's services.yaml configuration file?

Answer: By specifying the service class, its arguments, and other properties

104. What is autowiring in Symfony's Dependency Injection?

Answer: A mechanism that automatically injects dependencies based on type hinting in the constructor

105. In Symfony, what is the purpose of service tags?

Answer: To add metadata to services and allow them to be discovered and used by other parts of the application

106. What is the difference between a public and a private service in Symfony?

Answer: Public services can be accessed and used outside the container, while private services are restricted to internal use only.

107. Which command is used to list all services registered in the Symfony Dependency Injection Container?

Answer: php bin/console debug:container

108. In Symfony, how can you inject a service into a controller action?

Answer: By type hinting the service as an argument in the action method

109. What is the purpose of Symfony's service aliases?

Answer: To provide alternative names for services, making them easier to reference and inject

110. In Symfony, what is the primary purpose of the Console component?

Answer: To provide a command-line interface for interacting with Symfony applications
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