240+ PHP Yii Framework MCQ With Online Practice Test

Yii is a high-performance, open-source PHP framework renowned for its efficiency and versatility in web application development. Launched in 2008, Yii (pronounced "yee") has gained a strong following among developers worldwide. It boasts a robust set of features, including a powerful extension system, seamless integration of third-party libraries, and comprehensive tools for handling security and scalability. With its emphasis on clean, maintainable code and rapid development, Yii is an excellent choice for building web applications of varying complexities, from simple websites to intricate enterprise solutions.

Practice Test

101. Which Yii widget is commonly used for creating navigation menus in RESTful applications?

Answer: CMenu

102. In Yii, what is the purpose of the CListView widget?

Answer: Displaying data in a list view

103. Which Yii widget is used to render a pager in conjunction with CListView for paginating results?

Answer: CPagination

104. What does the CGridView widget provide in Yii's RESTful applications?

Answer: A tabular view for displaying database records

105. In Yii, how can you customize the appearance and behavior of a widget like CGridView?

Answer: By configuring its properties and events

106. Which Yii widget is often used for displaying images and galleries in RESTful applications?

Answer: CImage

107. What is the primary purpose of the CActiveForm widget in Yii's RESTful applications?

Answer: Generating and handling HTML forms

108. In Yii's RESTful applications, what does the CMenu widget help with?

Answer: Creating dynamic menus and navigation

109. Which Yii widget is used for rendering a form in RESTful applications, allowing users to submit data?

Answer: CActiveForm

110. What is the purpose of authentication in a RESTful Yii application?

Answer: Identifying and verifying users
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