240+ MongoDB MCQ With Online Practice Test

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database system renowned for its flexibility and scalability. It uses a document-oriented model, storing data in JSON-like BSON format, allowing for dynamic schemas and easy data manipulation. MongoDB's distributed architecture supports horizontal scaling, ensuring high availability and performance. It's widely utilized for applications requiring real-time data access and complex data structures. Its features include automatic sharding, replication, and support for geospatial data, making it a versatile choice for a broad range of industries, from e-commerce and social media to IoT and big data analytics.

Practice Test

101. What is the primary purpose of text search in MongoDB?

Answer: Full-text search

102. Which text index type in MongoDB is designed for case-insensitive text search?

Answer: Collation Index

103. What does a text index in MongoDB allow you to do?

Answer: Index text fields

104. Which operator is used to perform text searches in MongoDB?

Answer: $text

105. How can you specify the text search query in MongoDB?

Answer: Use the "$text" operator

106. What is the primary goal of text search in MongoDB?

Answer: Efficiently searching for text

107. In MongoDB, what is the purpose of the "weights" option in text indexes?

Answer: Adjust the search relevancy

108. How can you control the search relevancy of individual text index fields in MongoDB?

Answer: Adjust the "weights" option

109. What does the "default_language" option in a text index specify in MongoDB?

Answer: The default search language

110. In MongoDB, what is the "textScore" field used for in a query result?

Answer: Calculating text relevance
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