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1. How does GridFS store large files in MongoDB?

2. What is a common method for creating backups in MongoDB?

3. In MongoDB, what is the role of an arbiter in a replica set?

4. What is the primary purpose of MongoDB replication?

5. What is the primary goal of performance optimization in MongoDB?

6. Which method is used to enable auditing in MongoDB?

7. Which feature in MongoDB allows for real-time monitoring of cluster performance and data distribution?

8. How does MongoDB Atlas handle automatic backups of your data?

9. In which industry is MongoDB often employed for handling large volumes of sensor data?

10. In MongoDB sharding, what is the purpose of a "config server"?

11. Which operation is used to retrieve a single document from a collection based on a query criteria?

12. What is the purpose of a hidden secondary node in MongoDB replication?

13. What does the "near" operator do in MongoDB's geospatial queries?

14. What is the primary goal of text search in MongoDB?

15. Which stage in the MongoDB aggregation pipeline is used to reshape documents and calculate expressions?

16. How can you optimize write performance in MongoDB for high-throughput insert operations?

17. What does the "oplog" in MongoDB help with during restoration?

18. What is a common practice for securing data at rest in MongoDB?

19. How can MongoDB be installed on a Windows machine?

20. In MongoDB, which option specifies the sort order of the index key values?