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1. Which authentication method is commonly used to secure access to MongoDB?

2. When is it advisable to use the "skip" and "limit" methods for paging through query results in MongoDB?

3. What is the purpose of a hidden secondary node in MongoDB replication?

4. What is the primary benefit of horizontal scaling in MongoDB?

5. In MongoDB, how is data typically stored within collections?

6. Which command is used to access the MongoDB shell?

7. Which MongoDB index type allows for fast retrieval of documents based on a single field?

8. Which text index type in MongoDB is designed for case-insensitive text search?

9. What is the primary benefit of using a MongoDB driver in an application?

10. Which operator is used to perform text searches in MongoDB?

11. Which role in MongoDB grants full access to all administrative functions and data?

12. When should you consider denormalizing data in MongoDB?

13. What is the primary purpose of auditing in MongoDB?

14. What is the benefit of using transactions in MongoDB?

15. What type of data processing does MapReduce excel at in MongoDB?

16. What is the purpose of the secondary nodes in MongoDB replication?

17. Which language is commonly used to query MongoDB?

18. What is the preferred way to handle connections in a MongoDB application to ensure scalability and performance?

19. What is the key feature of MongoDB Atlas that simplifies database deployment and management?

20. What does the "right to be forgotten" entail in terms of data compliance in MongoDB?