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Node.js, often referred to as simply "Node," is a powerful open-source runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside of web browsers. It is designed for building scalable and efficient network applications, particularly on the server side. Node.js leverages a non-blocking, event-driven architecture, making it ideal for handling asynchronous operations and real-time applications. With its vast ecosystem of packages and modules available through npm (Node Package Manager), Node.js has become a popular choice for web development, microservices, APIs, and more, enabling developers to create high-performance applications with ease.

Practice Test

161. In Node.js testing, what is a mock object used for?

Answer: To simulate the behavior of a real object for testing purposes

162. What is the purpose of end-to-end (E2E) testing in Node.js?

Answer: To ensure that the entire application functions correctly as a whole, including interactions between components

163. Which Node.js testing library is commonly used for E2E testing of web applications?

Answer: Puppeteer

164. What is a "fixture" in Node.js testing?

Answer: A function or data setup that provides a known initial state for testing.

165. In Node.js testing, what is a code coverage report used for?

Answer: To track which lines of code were executed during testing and identify untested code paths

166. What is the primary goal of debugging in Node.js development?

Answer: To identify and fix defects or issues in the code

167. Which built-in debugging tool is available in Node.js for inspecting code execution and troubleshooting?

Answer: Node Inspector

168. In Node.js, what command is commonly used to launch a script in debug mode from the command line?

Answer: node inspect

169. What is the purpose of breakpoints in a Node.js debugger?

Answer: To pause code execution at a specific line or statement for inspection

170. Which command is used to continue code execution after reaching a breakpoint in a Node.js debugger?

Answer: continue
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