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Laravel is a widely-used PHP web application framework, known for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly features. Introduced in 2011, it offers robust tools for routing, authentication, and database interactions. Laravel promotes MVC architecture, simplifying complex tasks and fostering rapid development. Its active community and comprehensive documentation make it a top choice for web development projects.

101. In a Laravel API route definition, what does {parameter} represent?

Answer: A dynamic parameter that can be extracted from the URL

102. How do you specify the controller method that should handle a specific API route in Laravel?

Answer: By specifying the controller and method using the controller method

103. In Laravel API development, what is the purpose of the Route::resource() method?

Answer: To generate CRUD routes for a resource controller

104. What is the purpose of API versioning in Laravel API development?

Answer: To ensure backward compatibility as the API evolves

105. Which of the following is NOT a common response format used in Laravel API development?

Answer: HTML

106. What is the HTTP status code typically returned when a resource is successfully created in an API endpoint?

Answer: 201 Created

107. In Laravel API development, how can you limit the rate at which a client can make requests to an endpoint?

Answer: By using Laravel's built-in rate limiting middleware

108. What is the purpose of file storage in Laravel applications?

Answer: To store and retrieve files, such as images and documents

109. In Laravel, which filesystem drivers are commonly used for local file storage?

Answer: public

110. What is the primary purpose of the storage disk in Laravel's filesystem configuration?

Answer: To define the default filesystem driver
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