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1. What is SSL/TLS encryption used for in PostgreSQL security?

2. What is the "hstore" extension used for in PostgreSQL's NoSQL support?

3. Which PostgreSQL command is used to back up a database cluster, including all databases and configuration files?

4. What is "slowly changing dimension" (SCD) in data warehousing with PostgreSQL?

5. Which PostgreSQL configuration parameter allows restricting the IP addresses from which the database server can accept connections?

6. What is the purpose of "ANALYZE" in PostgreSQL's VACUUM command?

7. What is the purpose of the "uuid-ossp" extension in PostgreSQL?

8. What is the default port for PostgreSQL?

9. In PostgreSQL, what does the "OVER" clause do in the context of window functions?

10. In PostgreSQL, what is the purpose of a foreign key constraint in a table?

11. What is an ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram) used for in database design?

12. What is the primary goal of high availability in a PostgreSQL database system?

13. Which data type is used to store a time of day in PostgreSQL?

14. What is the purpose of PostgreSQL's "GRANT" and "REVOKE" statements in the context of security?

15. What is the purpose of "connection pooling" in PostgreSQL for managing large datasets?

16. In PostgreSQL's geospatial data management, what is "SRID" an acronym for?

17. Which PostgreSQL authentication method allows access without a password but is restricted to local connections on Unix-like systems?

18. What is the purpose of an index in PostgreSQL database design?

19. What happens when a client application connects to a PostgreSQL database using connection pooling?

20. What is the "pg_stat_statements" module used for in PostgreSQL tools and clients?